Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beware people!

Hello people! how are you guys?? ada sihat?heh. ahaa,,post ni xde pape yg menarik pun. just nk bgtau..Im more more more to heartless now. ottokajo??haha..yeaahhhh..finally..every pain that I'd endured bfore has made me stronger. so0o0o0o0o,to people out there..especially people that always in my heart and I say 'you guys are in my heart'..just beware of new me..muahaha! Im not the same person anymore. Time to change isnt it?yesss..time to change! no more fadzilah that has soft heart. errr...myb.heh. one of the thing is..I dont mind anymore people to ignore me when I sent them msgs. haha. one rule in me now..'I dont forcing people to like me'. so0o0o..thats the way Im gonna be. just live my life happily and dont take those kind of people seriously..klo x ht kt yg skt kn?haha. peace!

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