Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finally..its the time to say goodbye.

Finally..its time to say goodbye.
goodbye to???
or leeteuk? them.haha
goodbye to fb!
goodbye to on9!
goodbye to keep wasting time!
goodbye to korean movies!
goodbye to sleep a lot!
goodbye to emo!
goodbye to evil!
goodbye to pityful!
goodbye to lazy!
goodbye to people that dont apprecicte me!
haha..the last one tuh main2 jek..although they're ignoring me, Im still care and love them.
thats me.wink!
final exam just around the corner..gonna score the best! Insya Allah.
pray for me keh?
Im challenging myself to beat the pointer of last sem finals.
hopefully I can make it. really hope for it. Insya Allah.
gonna make my lovely parents proud..and also beat Seman.ngeee
4flatter will be...amin.
Seman..we succeed together keh?

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