Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Silence...means everything.

I prefer number 3. bcoz I love number 3!haha
okay,recently there are many things that made me to be in number 3 position.
firstly, my soft heart of course. Im in my way to heal it again again and again. errr..how many times also I dont know laa. I just hope you be happy always my dear.
secondly, about A and B. grrrr..dont know what to do. now, I just decide to ignore B and be as cool as I can be. and live my life happily t0o. of course.
thirdly, my p5 friends..haishh. if you guys wanna do a reu in your univercity just please dont make it public okay.haha. Im jealous you know! huuu. Im the only one p5 here at utm..(korg rmai2 kat uni tu lehla act lbih nk bt reu smua) usm major p5 there,ukm and uitm there are certain to0. if wanna do a reu still can. cessss,,haha..plez dont make me jealous again ok!sob3..-_____-
fourthly, my cp test yesterday..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...dont know laa. I just try my best. and sent it. but envy to others that asking help from others who are expert to help them. so their answers are correct right? mine?huhuhu..very sad..but not really sad. haha. I know I'd tried my best and Im proud to get the marks with my own effort. *cewahhh! hopefully my marks is okay. Insya Allah.amin. pray for me.uhuu.
fifthly..??err..no fifth. heh. I slept last night after Isya' and wake up at 2.30am just now until this second. wow! incredible me!haha. I've a conscience to learn laaa..I wanna be the best,and I'll try my best of course. so here I am. okay guys, take bath and Subuh prayer time. Assalamualaikum.=)

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