Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Carca marba

This one is specially to my lovely friend SITI AMINAH ZULKEPLI. btul x eja nme ayh ni Mina?btul kot.hee..she is a friend of mine that I cant afford to lose. huu. always and forever be my best friend yaa Mina..although Im not perfect and always annoyed you.haha

haa..yg ni lak utk smua org yg pnh den skt kn ht korg. maaf yaa. mnsia xlari dr mlkukn kslpn.

errrr..yg ni..spcially to those people that annoyed me. haha. Im strong enough to endure the pain..but it still hurt you know.

ahaa! yg ni pun sme..utk korg laaa..yg byk mnyakitkn ht ku ini. muahaha. I'll as brightly as I can!

oh0o0o..ayt kejam nmpk. mmg pun! heh. so people..this is the best quote to you guys..dont intend to walk into my life if you plan to go okay.

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