Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lets Go Dream Team 200th part2

Part2 drem team continued. 
hr tu last jaemin chlnge tp xtnjuk rslt. and finally,he succeeded. awesome jaemin! omma dia dtg..dia ngis.wawa. dia ckp mak dia xkasi dia debut as celebrity hr tu..but he tries his best to make her happy. sdh gkla skit tgk dia ngis hug mak dia tuh. (I love to see man cries.haha)
jaemin 1st chlnger yg succeed. then lps tu rmai2 eliminated kat stage2..alahai..see saw tu. smua mcm glbh gk la sbb de curse ke ape. 
de 7 finalists jek yg akn msuk final. so spe2 yg failed kat stage plg tggi de hrpn la msuk final. 
then ricky challenge.
dup dap dup dap...

pstu last stage dia mcm xdpt nk naik buoy tu..xstable..pstu time lompat nk tkn buzzer tu mcm trglincir skit. but he is hanging there..and he succeeds!weeeee..awesome ricky!
pny la smgt nk ricky mng kn..bcoz he is my beloved.muahahahaha~

 so nk kte yg manage to complete the obstacles only jaemin and ricky.
gmbr ats nh xtau gmbr ms ble..cari pny cari xjmpe pun sgt gmbr ep200 nh. pic minho jek byk. 
okayh,cte skit psl minho..ayt dia.."I never have rival. I'll do my best for myself." lbh kurg la ayt dia gitu.
wow! daebak btul ayt btul la ckp dia..knp nk ade rival kn..actually our own self is our biggest rival. huuu.
minho msuk final. but but but he failed..sbb determine sgt kot nk keta tu.same goes with others myb. 
for ricky, he said that he will do his best.  He just do it as the same episode of dream before. 
He never think abt the car for 1 second.(ayt lps mng dpt keta)
bgusla cmtu..sbb klo x mst dia xmng.haha
then final..jaemin again, succeeded dgn time yg lbh pntas. ricky nervous. mak and ayah jaemin doa ricky slips.haha.adoi. nk keta pny psl kn.

ricky pkai bju ats nh ms chlnge tu but ni bkn gmbr ms ep200 tu. yg ep200 gmbr kdua ats nh. 
ricky succeded in 1.24 mins if not mistaken while jaemin 1.55mins like that. soo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 nk habaq mai ricky mng woo!weweeett..suka3! ^______^
he cried when received the trophy and car.wuwu.
"cageya, i win the car that i didnt win last 2years. lets go for trip."
tu ayt dia kua lps mng..wehuuuuuuu. sweet gitu! then dia call ank dia..taerin nmenyer..comey besa dh.. "taerin,appa win a car. later i'll take you for a ride." her daughter replied.."okay." :D
he redeem himself after 2years. im happy for him.hoho. so let me redeem myself too. insyaALLAH. fighting!

p/s: ayt Sir Zaki.."INSYAALLAH" is a commitment, not an excuse. slmt bramal. :')

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