Monday, October 17, 2011

being matured!

Holaa! new cloth for you my is it?nice right..ngee. msuk lift tkn sndri! haha..tuka la..dh bosan dh dgn design and lagu dlu. lgu pun dh tuka ni..shining star! layaaannn..ngee. ahaa..mggu lps amt stress mlmpau..myb sbb de 3 test mggu nh..
*tp smpt on9 lg nh* forcing myself a lot this sem. to be the very very very best that i can be! huu..sbb tu la kot. cayo2 myself..biar mrana dlu,gmbira kmdn kn. uhuu. okay,,skrg sy amt baik krn xde gnggu2 hdup2 org dh..haha. a big applause to me laa..wihuuuu~ ingt den ske2 ke nk kco2 org ni..just bcoz i missed them only..huu. tp my 'rinduness' xdhrgai lak kn. sdh2.haha.. so the time to grow mature has finally come! Insya Allah..i'll be a new person guys. the Nurul Fadzilah that will not cause any trouble or make myself being hate by you guys.h0o0o0o..determine nmpk! utk berubah laa..utk brubah ke arh yg lbh baik. a part of it..say no to hp!h0ho..use it when needed only keh Fadzilah! and im more to heartless my life with my own ways and didnt even bother to care abt others. to0 care myb the right terms. heh. i'll love myself a lot from others did. muahahaha..okay then,time to study. wish me luck for my tests keh.
4 flatter ever semesters, every subjects.Insya Allah. Amin.

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