Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hari brtenang sdunia.

Ehem2..mic test..mic test.
hr ni hr brtenang sdunia..*the post bfore is t0o emotional.sorry! -__-* hmm..these people had said this to me..

1. "jgn laa pk sgt klaw satu2 prob tuh. Leh skit urat otak taw. bwat bese aje. Kang oke laa tuh yeaa"

2. "Allah xhilgkn ssuatu,mlainkn mgntikan ssuatu dgn yg lbeh baik."

3. "xsmesti ble org bt xbaik dgn kt,kt kne bls xbaik kn"

ble hayati blk ayt2 tuh..mmg btul pun kn.haha..thanks all my dear friends! korg mmg the best of all part bg nsht2 nh!ngeee..=) s0o0o0o,,i've ease my mind and trying to move on with my life without the perkara remeh. Insya Allah. mls dh nk pk bnde2 xfaedah tu..bcoz in the end im the only one that get hurt,serabut,skt ht and so on laa. hdup ni skali aje bt pe nk sdh2 or skt2 ht nh. xbrbaloi! huu. so,everyone..just forget all the things that make we sad and move on with our life with smile and happiness!^^

p/s: genap sbln benti kje smlm 4/10/11. boss msg ckp gaji utk kje 4hr bln lpn hr tu dh msuk akaun. haha..wlaupun 4hr jek gkla gaji tu..ckupla nk bli jajan ke ape..heee.thanks boss! wish me luck on my studies..4flat will be and may Assalikin Servise Station be more successful in the future. Insya Allah. Amin.

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