Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love my golf mate!

(this is my syazwani..i'd requested her to send me this pic..of course with the love sign t0o.heh)

knp ttbe jek kn? xpnh mentioned nme syaz pun sblm ni. hr tu muna..then skrg syaz?errr...lalang btul kn! haha.. syaz was also my matrix's friend..she is lovely. mle2 knl dia time dia msuk prac la. dia hyt,tuka phy. first2 tgk wahhh..bdk ni..mmg smgt btul(time mggu orientasi)...sggh2 dia ckp.haha. then she was my golf mate!wink2.. koko dpt golf..pdg golf amt ktorg pun akn pi sme2 every friday morning tu.. golf la yg mrptkan kami..heeeee. she is very the bomb and bombastic. ahaa..den ni kn tu byk kali gkla gduh2 dgn syaz nh.. and even bz mn pun she is there when i need her. mgila,merepek..mcm2 la brsme..waahhh,,mmg kwn yg baik la!heee..msg bwh ni i wrote especially for her at her fb wall. layaaaaan. ikhlas dr ht yg tulus dn suci nh.=)

'Hack's Sweet,happy 20th years and 9months! wink2..9 months dh tu..wahhh,,haha. dear,,you're always mgila with me when i need thankful you know. always be my best friend and accept me as i am although sometimes im the most mgada kn.and didnt run away pun.haha..thank you. thank you. i wish you a happy life with org trsyg..heh. and may hv a good health to0.klo x,mmg nk kne bbel la kn! lastly, if one day we cant see each other anymore.dont forget you're among of my best friends that i'll never ever want to lose. *grateful mode*'

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