Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dont plan to walk in my life if you intend to go.

Assalamualaikum,, ghapo xtdo2 lg nh? dh lwt dh ni..ish3.heh. bru abis bt tutor DE td. then sje bkk fb de trbce stu ksh ni. tu yg xtdo2 lg tuh.. btw, congrats to pasukan N9 yg jd juara piala malaysia mlm td. to skuad ganu kite..dont cry bebeh. actually at first den skong ganu..(sbb BO..haha) xde rezeki ganu mng even ganu yg first jaring dlu. so0o,,the conclusion is..dont feel that we're on the top once we'd succeeded okay..we can easily fall down anytime. so be prepared!heh.. ancm tuh..
Hmm,,i just wanna say..'Don't plan to walk in my life if you intend to go'. td trjmpe ayt nh..mcm best jek..pstu bt status fb trus.heh. yela..i'd been hurt t0o much. dont wanna be in hurt mode again. keh guys..dont ever hurt my feelings again..bcoz i've a soft heart. haha. i'd said bfore..i've totally a soft heart. it can easily get hurt. huu. but, im growing from time to time..growing stronger! Insya Allah. I'm putting some protection..firewall ke ape ke kebal skit ht nh. haha. to all that always support me in whatever im into..thanks a lot! really appreciate it. from now, i'll not bother anymore..people that dont need me in their akn undur dri. jgn riso eh. sy xkn gnggu2 hdup kalian lg. Insya Allah. dh xgnggu pun kn hdup anda smua??;D
I wanna live my life happily t0o. uhuu. gonna be as successful as I might be...Im gonna succeed! plus..
Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kpdku SYURGA CINTA. amin.

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