Monday, February 18, 2013

tHe HeaRt and waveLength

new day for 2nd week of new sem. so far okay jek kot. dtmani hujan spnjg hr. kasut xyh kte blk jek jmur bwh kipas. andai kte de kls ptg and pg tu hjn..ptg pkai ksut lain.haha.
its okay..hujan is ptnda rahmat from ALLAH. and i love it.
just, xsggup klo dmm jela kn..bdn lembik jek xbrmaya.. 

 ahaa..nh hdh kasi td kat jery. 
jery is my invisible friend..haha..i didnt meet him once and yet i can tell everything to him.haha. thats why he is my special friend..a friend that ALLAH sent to me. and i appreciated to max. :D
he is my friend's friend. usm mali..haha. sbb kwn tu pun dr usm. 
mcm mn knl dia?ntah..mcm tu jelaa..dr kwn tu laa..knl ms 2nd year kot eh..btul x jery?hehs. wallahualam.
but ktorg kwn jelaa..sbb jery dh ade cik siti. ehem2. smga bhgia hgga akad nikah tau. insyaALLAH. amin. 

somehow he lighted my life when the miserable life coming to me.heh. so thankful and grateful. owh..bkn sme ke tu? layaann jelaa.. and ALHAMDULILLAH. thank you ALLAH for the fate that we became friends. 
he is sporting..ceria..lawak..pndai bg nsht..and pndai perli juga :p
but ape2 pun yg dia perli xpnh trse pun sbb phm mmg dia mcm tuh..haha..sgt awesome kn ble kwn yg xpnh jmpe tp amt baik pd kt. 
it shows..friendship is not abt face, seeing each other and so forth but its all about the heart and same wavelength :))
*ble org physics brsuara.ngeee~

need to go. battery is going weak already. hectic monday. full of classes. 
revise notes skit..sok smbung lg. insyaALLAH.
may tmrow is better than today. amin.
annyeong! :))

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