Thursday, February 21, 2013

Start gne gear 4 laaa...

Its Thursday. one class in the morning and other 2 classes in the evening. waiting for azan Zohor bfore depart for the evening classes. the mind is not in the mood laaa..ottoke? ;(
didnt hv the diligent spirit to read notes..huaaaaaaa..sem ni target all A+..insyaALLAH. but, xmle2 lg..cmne nh?! jgn tggl angn2 jek sudaa..byk sedih la gitu.huuuuu
no no no no..cant make that happen. ckupla sem2 lps byk main smua..balance 3sem ahead nh nk target trbaik pnya..terbaik pnya terbaik terbaik terbaik.aminn.
"ALLAH tidak akan mengubah nasib ssuatu mlainkn kt yg berusaha utk mengubahnya."
S0oo0o0o..whats happening here? jgn lgsg nk branganlaa dpt 1st class 4 flat smua klo xrjin nk blaja and tuntut ilmu. h0ho. pedas ayt nmpk! tp mmg btul pun kn. usaha tgga kjyn.
need to find the spirit and boost back the energy to be back on track. awl2 sem ni kne gne gear 4 trus laaa..xleh main2 gne gear 2 3 jek. okayh! cnfused abt smthng. hmmm.but, i'll pray to ALLAH to ease my heart and let the people that I love happy always.

p/s: I hate damnmmmmmnnn much waiting..haishhhh..but now im in the waiting mode. picosso?
so hateful you know...gonna being back to normal me.
okay. dont take thing too seriously. live my life peacefully. smile smile smile :))

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