Sunday, February 3, 2013

Far Away..away..and away...

wink2. new appearance! :D
just having fun changing this and that. so bored with the old ones. *you know im getting bored to things easily.
so peaceful the music and the background layouts also beautiful..cayalahh..haha. msuk lift tkn sndri kn. kekekeke~

today is 3rd of February 2013. so fast time is moving laaaa..aiyaa..cptnyer tuaa..sob3..
what can i sem gaining more weight! adesssss :(
yela, mkn tdo, movies, tv, jln2..tu jela kjenyer kn. mn x jd gitu..aiyaa..aiyaa..aiyaaa..haha..xpela skali skala gmuk skit..blk utm nnt krus blk. cee..angan2 :D

tp tgk sem lps byk gk mpek kn kat blog to sem IV. aig0o..ape daa..jiwa kacau byk sgt ke ape.haha. my lovely blog..appreciating you to the max company me along my life.haha. byk kerepek merepek sini..lawak gk bce ble tgk blk post2 dlu2 tuh. emo pun byk.aiyaaa. kne kurgkn. insyaALLAH. sem is just around the corner. motto sem dpn ialah.. 'Far Away..Young Love'...apakah? means..the young love is far away from me now. new me.gain the knowledge more and more to be more knowledgeable person.not just getting the 4flat...but 4flat with the knowledge full inside my brain.insyaALLAH.
pray for me too keh? :))

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