Monday, February 10, 2014

Its seRious

holaa. new sem just started, not yet getting bz to study.huahuaa. dri sndri yg mls.dussh!
so far hr ni byk jln2..settlekn psm. hopefully everything gonna be okay. kne boast up topup blk psm1.huuu. aim to get the best 10 projects. insyaALLAH. aja aja!
so xde kje sbnrnye ni nk buat ape..myb akn travel to dreamland soon.haha

I had this thought,,,
i think that im doing my very best compare to some people, but yet i dont get the results as much as i wanted like others which are just so-so and get the good results. what is that anyway?
then some pops out in mind. bersangka baik dgn ALLAH. mgkin bkn rezeki nk dpt trbaik lg..must try a little-damn-harder to get the very best. mgkn bkn hasilnya yg usaha utk mncapai ssuatu tu yg ALLAH nk lihat. keberkatan kat situ. who knows? only ALLAH knows. so believe in Him. insyaALLAH.
so tnm dlm hati utk bt yg trbaik dlm ape2 jua prkara skalipun. tuntut ilmu dan jd org berilmu dan amalkn ilmu. never let others to destruct you. put away all the worries that they get better grades from you. just be thankful. live my life happily in my own ways and efforts. my aim for this sem and for my life ahead. insyaALLAH.

wow. its getting serious. you know you have heart disease when you get jealous with everything o anything. say no to that and move on and have a better heart. hidup ni tak lama. dlm kubur nnt amalan ape yg nk bawa??..tu yg penting. rnungan brsma.
sblm tdo, ltk tgn kat hati..maafkn smua org.
selamat malam dunia.

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