Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Timid girL

timid. im being so so so timid.huaaaaaaaa
ottoke..Ya Rabb, give me strengths.
to be able to like someone and love again?ohhh..not in my dictionary i think. haha.
to start wavering and felt the no no..campak jauh2.

bcoz im timid to the word of "love".

so what i can say..i'll pray and ask ALLAH to take this so-called love..and wait for my true love to come and find me.
to be in love again..its not so easy you know..
kdg2 yg post mpek tu sje2 jek wont last long.haha. perasan sekejap jek.

okay, post merepek lg.
soul didnt come yet to learn the notes.huhuu~
must find and call it sooN!
belajar, jadi org berilmu..amalkn ilmu. kerana ALLAH. insyaALLAH.

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